About me

I'm Halfstar. I write visual novels and develop video games.

You can download my works here for free. If you enjoy them, please support me on Patreon.


An open source multiplatform engine for narrative works, like visual novels and adventure games

A colorful puzzle game with complex challenges.

A Short Eternity

1000 words. A boat at the end of the world. Will you survive?

My Crush Wants a Yandere?

Imagine Death

A bullet hell + visual novel hybrid. Prototype for game jam.

Cat Tower

8-bit platformer with cute cats.

A visual novel about existing in a purposeless world.

Utopia Afternoon Tea

Coming soon.

Other projects I contributed to:

Anise Flowers

Developer: Sasha Ines

My contribution: Music and sound effects

Anise Flowers is a supernatural tale of love and friendship between a human and a fallen angel.

With six possible endings, your choices may lead to a fairy tale romance, a lifelong friendship—or, if you're unlucky, death.

The Demon Lord is Mine

Developer: Anta

My contribution: Music

The demon lord asks the hero to kill him but...

The Sound of Fireworks: The Haiku

Developer: thatdiesel

My contribution: Music (with others)

A single path/ending visual novel about love, acceptance, and a good ol' awkward budding teenage friendship.

Honk! A Story About a Goose

Developer: Rivertune Games

My contribution: Music