About me

I'm Halfstar. I write visual novels and develop video games.

You can download my works here for free. If you enjoy them, please support me on Patreon.

A colorful puzzle game with complex challenges.

Imagine Death

A bullet hell + visual novel hybrid. Prototype for game jam.

Cat Tower

8-bit platformer with cute cats.

A visual novel about existing in a purposeless world.

Utopia Afternoon Tea

Coming soon.

Other projects I contributed to:

Anise Flowers

Developer: Sasha Ines

My contribution: Music and sound effects

Anise Flowers is a supernatural tale of love and friendship between a human and a fallen angel.

With six possible endings, your choices may lead to a fairy tale romance, a lifelong friendship—or, if you're unlucky, death.

The Demon Lord is Mine

Developer: Anta

My contribution: Music

The demon lord asks the hero to kill him but...

The Sound of Fireworks: The Haiku

Developer: thatdiesel

My contribution: Music (with others)

A single path/ending visual novel about love, acceptance, and a good ol' awkward budding teenage friendship.

Coming 2021.

Honk! A Story About a Goose

Developer: Rivertune Games

My contribution: Music